A Flywheel Exclusive

The weekend of June 24/25 2017 saw the third edition of the Bicester Heritage Flywheel Festival. It was also the third year of the popular “Pop Up Fashion Shoots” that I, and my team of models run over the course of the festival weekend. This year, though the good offices of Andrew Ferguson at Historit, space in hangar 3 was given over so myself and my model team had a place to work out of during the event. During the first day of the event I was in conversation with Historit’s Alistair Emson and asked if it would be possible to have “a quick ten minutes” to get some frames in the main storage area at some point during the weekend. I was asked what I had in mind and Alistair said he would ask the question. At the end of the first day I was told that there would be no problem having ten minutes on day two and just to let him know when.

So, during a break on day two of the festival I took these shots with my model Lillian Love. I like the idea of the shoot. Out of place, but then again, not so much. A splash of colour against the steel hangar doors and uniform grey car covers. Lillian wears the Fatale Prom Dress by the Pretty Dress Company. Accessories from her own collection.

My thanks to Andrew, Charlie and Alistair at Historit, Bicester Heritage.


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