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Hello, I’m Dave Jackson. A United Kingdom, Midlands based photographer shooting, model and technical photography with aviation and automotive subjects.

I have been involved with photography for over twenty five years. In the beginning my photography was related to my work with vintage aircraft, mainly concentrating on technical subjects, producing images for aircraft restoration projects, engineering reports and, occasionally, aircraft damage. Later, I started combining models with some of the aircraft I had access to. This proved to be popular and continues today. My model photography has been published worldwide in various lifestyle and fashion magazines. Clients include Bicester Heritage Flywheel Festival, The Atomic Vintage Festival, Sywell Aerodrome, Air Atlantique and Inretrospect Magazine.

Being one of the very few UK photographers shooting models with aviation and automotive subjects created a few questions from other photographers, asking the inevitable “How can I do that?” To to that end I hold one or two shoot workshops a year for a limited number of photographers at a specific airfield or location.

Please do take a look at the other areas of my website. If you have any further qestions, or want to discuss a commission or project then please drop me an email via the contacts page. Thank you.


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