What I need to know before I can send an accurate quote

What exactly do you want me to photograph.
Where is the shoot is taking place – just a rough address (or addresses) is fine so I know if there are any travel costs I need to quote for.
Will the shoot involve multiple sites or products – if so, roughly how many.
Will the job require more than one visit – if so roughly how many and over what time scale.
What are you going to use the final images for – web, print, editorial, general promotion etc.
Will you be using your images for an international print/billboard marketing campaign.

It would also be helpful if you could tell me …

If you have a clear idea of how the photos should look – if you’ve got any examples to share with me that would be great.
If you’ll you be passing your photos onto a third party who are working on your behalf.
If you are you working on behalf of a third party.
What my deadline is for getting the job done for you.
If you have a set budget for the project.
If you’re unsure about any of this, please do ask?

Day rate

Half Day      Full Day

£150             £250

A half day is typically 4 hrs and a full day typically 6 hrs.
Additional hours are charged at £50 or part thereof .

Prices are in GBP and are valid as of March 2019.

What you pay for

The prices quoted are an ‘all inclusive’ price – I do not make additional charges for standard processing .

What you’ll receive for the prices above

My time to take your photographs.
The photographs taken – I don’t hold any back and charge for additional shots later.
My expertise.
My time to process your images – they will be edited for colour balance, basic sharpening and, as necessary, corrected for geometry – and  in general it takes (at least) as long to process/edit your images as it does to take them. There are no extra charges for basic processing.
Supply of your high resolution images – usually electronically, but CDs/DVDs are available on request.
I aim to store all client original photo files.
Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million.


Any expenses will be clearly detailed on your quote, but in general:
I charge mileage for all jobs at 0.45p per mile.
Any pre shoot location reconnaissance.
Hotels and expenses (if required) are charged at cost.

Processing costs

Basic image processing – cropping, editing for colour balance, basic sharpening and corrections for geometry is included in the price you pay for me to take your photos.
Enhanced image processing and Photoshop work – IF required – is charged at £60 per hour or part thereof


Should a model be required for the shoot, then his/her day rate should be taken into consideration as to the total overall cost of the shoot.