A Flywheel Exclusive

The weekend of June 24/25 2017 saw the third edition of the Bicester Heritage Flywheel Festival. It was also the third year of the popular “Pop Up Fashion Shoots” that I, and my team of models run over the course of the festival weekend. This year, though the good offices of Andrew Ferguson at Historit, space in hangar 3 was given over so myself and my model team had a place to work out of during the event. During the first day of the event I was in conversation with Historit’s Alistair Emson and asked if it would be possible…

Bicester Sunday Scramble

The first event of 2017. Held on the old RAF Bicester airfield site in Oxfordshire, the event, run by Bicester Heritage, encompasses Air Ministry expansion period architecture, classic and vintage cars along with their owners and, it has to be said, an army of enthusiasts. All in all a very nice way to spend a January day.